Bob McDonald ('75) was kind enough to forward some information he received from LTG Caslen ('75) about the upcoming game and preparation.  Thanks to Bob for sharing this information with us. 

Note: You can click on the picture below to see the Army uniforms that will be worn in this year's game.

LTG Caslen

On Sunday evening, we unveiled this year's uniform to the football team in honor of the historic 10th Mountain Division. In a short ceremony, appropriately hosted on the ice of Tate Rink, we presented this year's uniform and relayed to our players some of the incredible history of the division and their motto, Climb to Glory.

As designed, the uniform tells the story of the soldiers of the 10th Mountain Division and their birth in the winter warfare of World War II. The specialty of the 10th Mountain Division is to conquer the land. They fight on the harshest terrain, in any climate, anywhere in the world, to protect and defend the our Nation. A brief history relayed to our players and coaches: 

  • After Finnish soldiers on skis annihilated two Soviet tank divisions, the President of the National Ski Patrol, Charles Minot (Minnie) Dole lobbied the War Department to train troops in mountain and winter warfare. On December 8th, 1941 General George C. Marshall activated the Army's first mountain unit. The 87th Mountain Infantry Battalion formed the foundation of the 10th Mountain Division.
  • The 85th, 86th and 87th Infantry Regiments joined together in Pando, Colorado on July 13, 1943 to form the 10th Light Alpine Division. Soldiers at Camp Hale trained at 9,200 feet, honing their skills to fight and survive in the most brutal mountain conditions.
  • On February 18th, 1945 at 0117, teams of expert climbers began to ascend Riva Ridge, scaling the 1500 meter cliff to overcome German forces who had thought themselves secure. The 10th Mountain Division turned terrain to their advantage, setting up the allies for a decisive victory in Italy.

We will honor the 10th Mountain by taking care of a number of their Soldiers this weekend, off the field in media and engagements, and most importantly - with our performance on the field. We are hoping for snow on Saturday to make it even more memorable and more like the environment that the 10th is known to operate and thrive in.

In addition, I am attaching two links to recent videos we have released to the Corps in the last 24 hours, one to celebrate our spirit and one to celebrate our heritage. I hope you enjoy them both. I have watched that video of the Alma Mater in our Cadet Chapel many times, and every time it makes me proud of our Cadets, their talent and their futures.

  1. Video Link 1 
  2. Video Link 2

Finally, we have attached two documents for quick reference for the game in general this Saturday, and the Team that will take the field. Hope you find them useful. I can tell you, after spending time with the Team this season and watching many of these players grow and develop over the past 3 1/2 years, they are one of the most incredible group of young men and teammates that I have ever seen. They are committed to excellence, to each other and to the Corps of Cadets. I couldn't be more proud of them and their leadership and I very much look forward to watching them fight, persevere and win on Saturday.

And the Corps of Cadets will be with them every step of the way ... and by extension the Long Gray Line as well.

Thanks for what you all do for our Soldiers, our Army and your Alma Mater.

Climb to Glory! Go Army! Beat Navy!

Additional Information:

  1. 2017 Army/Navy Game Fact Sheet
  2. 2017 Army Football Study Guide


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