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The West Point Society of Central Florida exists to serve alumni, ex-cadets and friends of The United States Military Academy living in Central Florida as well as those visiting the area. The purpose of this group is to provide a networking platform for those associated with the Academy, and provide news, information, and events related to the Academy as well as items of local interest to this group's members.


Upcoming Events

USMA Grad News

West Point Graduates are some of the most accomplished individuals in the world.

Cadet News

  • On Point: A Baseball Bond

    A young boy sits on his bed in his dorm room at Christ School in North Carolina trying to comprehend the devastating news his mother had just told him. His father, who was just 46 years old, had

  • USMA Gets First Invite to Stock Pitch Competition

    More than fifty women from sixteen top universities participated in the College of William & Mary's Mason School of Business Stock Pitch Competition. For the undergraduate women who came to

  • Army-Navy Set for Epic Three-Game Series Showdown

    Army West Point baseball and Navy will meet this weekend for three critical Patriot League games and their much-anticipated Star series. The two academies will meet Friday night under the lights


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